Flowers on Branches

At Deerfields we promise our cakes taste as good as they look. Our bakers take pride in making scratch recipes with the freshest quality ingredients, and our decorators are always happy to customize any designs shown here. For those who have their own vision in cake we are up for the challenge. We can work from photos, sketches, swatches. Etc. Creating delicious cakes is what Deerfields is all about. Our customer service store or phone associates are experienced and always glad to assist. Visit one of our three convenient locations, or call us at 847-520-0068. To get a head start and see the choices in “Cake Flavors and Frosting Colors” just link at the top-right hand corner of the CAKES page.

Shown with tinted buttercream icing. Flowers are made with fondant. Two day notice required.

Flowers on Branches

Item: C2609
Price: #2


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